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The Government of Alberta

The Money Project has been made possible in part by grants from The Government of Alberta's Community Spirit grant program. 

Franco Lombardo, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Veritage
Franco Lombardo is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Veritage, an organization that provides consultative and advisory services to business families globally. Franco has over 20 years of experience in advising and consulting on the psychology of money, its influence within families, and the profound impact it has upon a family’s legacy.

He is the author of Life After Wealth: When is Enough, Enough?; Money Motto: The Path to Authentic Wealth; and The Great White Elephant: Why Rich Kids Hate their Parents. Franco is a highly energetic wealth coach and inspirational speaker, and is considered to be a leading expert on the issues of the psychology of money, and how it affects family interaction and wealth legacy.

Franco created the Money Motto™ Style Survey that we feature on The Money Project. Like us, Franco is passionate about youth financial literacy education. He wants Alberta’s young people to take the survey and learn their personal Money Motto™ Styles, so they can better understand their thoughts and behaviours around money.

Investopedia - Educating the World about Finance


Investopedia, a division of ValueClick, Inc. was founded in 1999. Its original concept was based on building the most comprehensive financial dictionary online. Over time, the focus of the site expanded to building educational content and tools to help empower the individual investor. Today the site attracts millions of visitors per month seeking to improve their financial understanding. Investopedia offers an abundance of financial content, from articles, dictionary terms, tutorials and video, to frequently asked questions and exam prep quizzes. Investopedia invites people to enjoy the site and fulfill their thirst for financial knowledge!

Investopedia is an official content sponsor for The Money Project. Investopedia has provided content for The Money Project’s dictionary, as well as numerous articles and videos that cover a wide range of money management topics that would be of interest to Alberta’s young people.

Lesley Scorgie
Rich By Inc.

Lesley Scorgie is the bestselling author of Rich by Thirty: A Young Adult's Guide To Financial Success, a personal finance book geared towards young people. Lesley released her second book in spring 2010, Rich by Forty: A Young Couple's Guide To Building Net Worth, which focuses on giving young couples the tools they need to grow their net worth.

When Lesley was only 17 she was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she discussed financial strategies for young people and revealed her goal of becoming rich by thirty. Lesleyscorgie.com (formerly richbythirty.com) was started shortly afterwards and it's designed to help you achieve financial success.

Lesley contributed a variety of useful tip sheets to The Money Project and is enthusiastic about spreading the word on the importance of youth financial literacy.

Janine Eccleston
University of Alberta, 4th year accounting student


Janine is a 20-something University of Alberta student with a passion for personal finance. Janine hopes to further her career in the personal finance industry by obtaining her CA, CFP and CIRP, which will allow her to help clients with financial planning as well as debt, insolvency and bankruptcy. Janine has created a personal finance blog called My Pennies, My Thoughts to chronicle her journey to financial freedom. Janine hopes to use her financial knowledge to expand her own investment portfolio and help others with tracking their spending, increasing savings and learning how to invest for the long run. Janine hopes to share her knowledge and passion with individuals to provide a basis for financial sustainability.

Janine is contributing a series of articles on personal finance and money management to The Money Project. She hopes to share her experience and passion for financial matters with Alberta's youth.

Research Assistance

The Money Project worked with Grant MacEwan University market research students and members of the MacEwan SIFE (now called "Enactus") student group on youth financial literacy research in Edmonton and area. The Money Project would like to thank all of them for their valuable research contributions.

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